St. Clair Shores passes $54 million bond


Morgan Kimm, Staff writer

   On Nov. 5th, St. Clair Shores passed the $54 million bond. This bond has a great effect on our community because it impacts our school’s technology, equipment, and infrastructure. This bond has been proposed because the city has found that our facilities are in need of these renovations and replacements as soon as possible.

   The bond was passed with a 64% yes vote. 

   Board members and administrators have already begun to formulate a plan for the school district.

   Lakeview Public Schools is roughly 67  years old and has seven sites used for educating. The recent bond that has passed will impact each of the 4,500 students that are educated within the district from preschool-12 grade. 

    For all schools in the district, the money from the bond  is expected to be used to improve the safety and security of the buildings. They are working to install new cameras and monitoring systems, exterior door entry services, classroom emergency door locks, new phone systems, and site improvements. Drawings and blueprints have been made to help formulate a new parking lot structure

  Additionally, the bond will be used to improve technology at all schools. Administration wants to provide new computers for the students and staff. New presentation devices and updates within the cabling and switches will be added.

  Another addition that will be made for all schools is the equipment. The goal is to  replace the roofs at each school as well as the heating and cooling systems, windows, lighting, and food services.

  Also, there has been that there is not enough room within Lakeview’s middle schools and elementary schools. To solve this issue, with the money from the bond they have planned to add eight new classrooms within Jefferson Middle School to help with the cramming. At the Elementary buildings, there will be additional improved security and two new classrooms will be added at each site. 

  Teacher Jennifer Findlay said, “ I am in full support of the bond. I feel that it will be very beneficial for the students and will help improve our schools.”

  At the high school, twelves new classrooms will be added as well as new turf for the field. Not only this but they plan to add stadium bleachers to Lakeview’s field as well as new press box facilities. 

  Lastly, new instruments will be provided for the band and orchestra for 5th through 12th graders. This is in hopes to improve the music program as a whole. 

     “I’m excited for how the bond will benefit us as students,” stated Maddy Orosz, ‘21.

     It is expected that these additions will improve our education system and provide an easier and more safe environment for learning.