Lakeview’s marching band hosts craft show


Angelita Garza, Staff writer

    The marching band held a craft show to gain money for need such as new uniforms,. The craft show was held Nov. 9-10  with an entry fee of $2 for adults and $1 for teens; kids got in for free. 

    Many crafters learned about the craft show from signs in the past, Facebook, and word of mouth. Doug Rusin, who supports Fire company, learned from seeing signs in the past. 

   “I have seen signs in the past. I have never been big on craft shows, so I was like oh stay away from there it’s a craft show. My experience so far from this craft show have been interesting so far; not everyone likes a skull sitting out here with their Christmas stuff. But the people who get it, get it,” explained Rusin. 

   Some people started crafting because they figured out its their passion to sell what they have been doing their whole life. Ken Coogan, who sells many different things, started because he started to collect rocks and made them into things. 

   “I have always collected rocks stones and stuff like that. My wife got into hula hooping 10 years ago or so. She started making hula hoops and I told her we should sell them, so we started selling them at farmers markets. I have been making crystals and other things for years for gifts. I thought why don’t we sell them. I had over 100 made because I don’t watch TV; I just mess around with rocks and crystals all day long,” said Coogan

   Some crafters want to support an art program or sell what they had made in that art program. Bryan Hannan, ‘21, a student in Lakeview’s drafting and design class, went to the craft show to sell some items to raise money for the program he is in. 

   “I have been with this program since March last year, this is my first year coming to sell items at the craft show. I’m here to help raise money for the program, so that the next generation who joins the class can have better equipment and able to have fun in the class,” said Hannan. 

  If you want to sell your own crafts or know someone who wants to, let them know about Lakeview’s marching band craft show next year.