Inside scoop on what it’s really like to be a camp counselor


Kayla Bellow, Staff writer

   Every year, a group of senior girls and junior and senior boys are chosen to be counselors for Jefferson Middle School’s sixth grade camp. Each counselor is assigned to a group of about 10-12 6th graders. The camp is held at Michindoh Conference Center in Hillsdale, Michigan. 

   The kids that choose to participate in the program, are assigned to cabins and they stay in these cabins for three days. Mary Holton, ‘20, Dominic Tiseo, ‘20, Matthew Fennel, ‘20, Jessica Schneider, ‘20, and Sean Turner, ‘21 are five Lakeview students that were chosen to be camp counselors this year.

   Most students volunteered to fill out an application to be a camp counselor, but others were approached by various teachers and were requested to be camp counselors. 

   Turner said, “I didn’t choose to be a counselor. Mrs. Bice (sixth grade English teacher at Jefferson Middle School) came to me and asked if I would be a camp counselor, and I happily accepted. Even though I didn’t choose to be a counselor, I would definitely do it again.”

   Camp is packed with lots of fun activities that keep the kids busy. During this camp, the sixth graders learned a variety of different skills. 

   Holton stated, “We looked at reptiles and amphibians, learned how to play archery, tie dyed Michindoh shirts, learned about the Michigan settlers in the 1800s, and practiced a skit to perform in front of the campers and counselors. We also learned various outdoor skills such as how to make a fire and build a shelter.”   

   Each camper and counselor has a different experience at camp depending on their group of kids.

   Fennel shared, “My kids were very well behaved and my experience overall was pretty good, but one of my campers threw up everywhere so he went home.”

   Tiseo also shared, “I had a really great time at camp and I enjoyed the kids I was assigned to. They were really well behaved. I probably had the best group of  kids behavior wise.”

   Being by yourself in a cabin with 13 sixth grade boys or girls can be very nerve racking and stressful. Trying to keep track of and monitor the behavior of all these kids can be a very difficult task. 

   Schneider stated, “It was honestly kind of difficult! Most girls were not a problem and listened, but I had a few problems with some girls who I had to give a little more attention and tell them that certain behaviors weren’t acceptable. We were told to say that we would get Mrs. Bice to send them home if they didn’t listen to their counselor so that also helped get my one girl who didn’t listen to cooperate.”

   If you are going to be a junior or senior next year and working with kids interests you, consider filling out an application to be a counselor for the 2020 sixth grade camp.