Counselors change Application Week


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Blank college application on a desktop. Artwork created by the photographer.

Kinasha Kendrick, Staff writer

   In years past, Lakeview held a College Application Week, allowing students to meet one on one with counselors in an effort to apply for college.This year however, the school schedules many meetings to replace this process. The first meeting was Life after Lakeview. This included students signing up for Parchment, a website that helps seniors see their transcripts, qualifications, scholarship opportunities, military service, and college matches. The fact that it’s no longer called “College Application Week,” most likely gives students that aren’t going to college a sense of relief.

   During the meeting, students were given a survey to do and could sign up for more meetings along with other opportunities like military programs. On this survey, another option was to sign up for an “adulting” class. 

   The adulting class consisted of FreeStar Financial Credit Union coming and setting up a simulation for students to understand how adult life works. The simulation app was called “Bite Of Reality 2” and is available on the app store. The process of this simulation included picking an occupation, setting up housing, choosing a vehicle with insurance, and participating in miscellaneous activities.

   The duration of this meeting was a full hour, and was very enjoyable.

   “I had a lot of fun doing this simulation. Adulthood is actually scary and I ran out of money quicker than I thought,” explained Mattison Hinton ‘20

   Lakeview is starting to set up college visits for students and college fairs. The overall reason for this change in college application week is simply for time management. Counselors are trying to decrease their workload so that it’s easier for individual students.

   “In order for us to try to get to students individually, we decided that doing mass meetings would be better than us calling down every single senior and asking about their plans. Now, we just let students sign up for us and we walk them through application processes and and answer any questions that they have about these qualities of colleges,” said Julie Myers, counselor at Lakeview. 

   If seniors are feeling stuck, signing up for their counselors and putting together applications and transcripts would get them back on track. Regardless of what field they’re going into, our counselors are always willing to help out.