Winter- the ups and downs of its early arrival

Winter- the ups and downs of its early arrival

Riley Weaver, Staff writer

This year winter has come early and it doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. The first snowfall happened during the first week in November. That’s the earliest the snow has come since 2006. This year, Michigan is going to get 8-16 inches of snow, maybe even 20, with possible white-out conditions. Although it is supposed to be warmer, temperatures will rapidly drop during late December to mid-January.

   Although being buried in snow is a possibility, the people here in Macomb County are happy with the conditions.

   “I really enjoy bundling up in multiple layers with a cup of tea and either watch the snowfall or watch movies will my family.” Sarah Everett, ’22.

   With the cold conditions, citizens can start making hot cocoa and binge watch those cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies without being judged. The weather gives the opportunity to sit inside and enjoy some quality time with the family.

   “During weather like this is usually when I spend the most time with my family. We are all also huge Christmas fans so that’s a plus,” Riley Fisette, ’22.

   Students got a pretty good idea with what this winter will bring when they received their first snow day on Nov. 12, One of the earliest snow days Lakeview has ever had. If that isn’t a sign, then nothing is.

   Of course, the incoming wind and snow does affect a lot of people in a lot of different ways.

   “Driving in the snow is an absolute nightmare. Not the actual driving part, but making sure that you don’t crash and die. Also traffic during the winter tends to be a lot worse because more people are getting in accidents.” Natalie Bowen, foreign language teacher.

   The wisest option for this winter would be to bundle up in a thick, warm jacket and enjoy the show because this year, it’s going to be a winter wonderland.