New Lakeview jazz band begins


Zachary Kahler, Staff writer

   On Oct. 28, the new Lakeview jazz began. Jazz band is an after-school club that meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-5 pm for six weeks. It will perform at the high school concert on Dec. 5 and the Jefferson Middle School concert on Dec. 18.

   The jazz band is headed by Joshua Nuss, a professional musician and teacher. Nuss has been with the Lakeview marching band alongside the band director Jodi Thompson as an instructor for marching and music. 

   “I’ve been with most of these kids since June. I’ve really gotten to know them pretty well. That makes teaching jazz band pretty easy,” Nuss stated.

   Nuss has a lot of credentials for teaching jazz band. He attended Oakland University to get a degree in music education and a minor in jazz studies. He then later went to Northern Illinois University for a master in jazz studies.

   With his experience, Nuss has set some goals for the new club.

   “The end goal is to do well at the two concerts we have coming up, but my biggest goal is to give the students a more positive experience with jazz music and improvisation,” Nuss explained. 

   Jazz music is something that not many high school students have tangled with. Within jazz music, there is a swing-like style that causes many of the notes to be articulated differently than if it was classical music. Along with that, there are many parts that give room for improvisation, meaning that the musician can play anything they would like in those measures as long as it follows the given chords.

   “Within our song “In The Mood”, there is a trumpet solo that is written or that can be played improvised. I’m really excited to have a chance to try it out because I’ve never been able to do something like that before,” Connor Whitman, ‘20 commented.

   Many of the students are excited for the rest of the six weeks of jazz band. They have all commented that the new style that they haven’t been too familiar with is pretty exciting. Nuss is also incredibly excited about this new opportunity.

   “I’m very thrilled to be able to teach these kids something that I’ve always enjoyed. I really enjoy helping them to improve their creative voice within music. I’m so excited for the future with these students and this club,” Nuss exclaimed.