Lakeview Football team pushes their way through to playoffs for the second year in a row


Mark Mullins

Alyssa Sutterfield, Staff writer

   The Lakeview Football team of the 2019 season has made it to the playoffs for the second year in a row. Though they beat Lakeshore on October 25, their spot was already guaranteed when they beat Port Huron on Oct. 18. 

   To make the playoffs at high school level, you have to at least win six games to be guaranteed a spot in the playoff games. 

   Coach Patrick Threet commented that even though his team made it to the playoffs again, it’s harder than most would expect. 

    Threet stated, “Football is different than any other sport when it comes to making Districts. In any other sports, you can make it to the playoffs no matter what your record is, but for football, you have to at least win six games to be guaranteed a spot.” 

   Senior, Isaiah Robinson commented that the entire football team was excited about making the playoffs before they played Lakeshore, but they were already expecting to make it even farther than they did last year. 

   Robinson said, “Our mindsets coming into the season was that we were making the playoffs, but we wanted to see how far we could go. We just expect it out of ourselves as a team to be doing bigger and better things.” 

   Senior, Harold Irby elaborated on the fact that when the team made the playoffs before week nine, he felt very relieved. 

   Irby stated, “We are the first team in Lakeview’s history to make the playoffs before week nine, so that just took a lot of weight off my shoulders knowing that even if we played not so hot, which never happens, we could make up for it with the game against L’anse Creuse.” 

   Making the playoffs two years in a row is accomplishment for both the school as the football team, so make sure you cheer on your Lakeview Huskies as they win their way through the playoffs!