Cold Cow is staying open all winter

Cold Cow is staying open all winter

Aili Mayfield, Staff writer

   For the first time ever, Cold Cow ice cream is staying open all winter long. This is something that has never been done with Cold Cow, and it is exciting for locals. Cold Cow is located on Harper Avenue behind Lakeview’s football field. 

   “The request of customers that wish to have ice cream even in the winter is what drove us to want to stay open all year. Quite a few people spoke to me and asked me about this,” explained Vern Wright, one of Cold Cow’s managers. 

   For several years, this has been something that customers have wanted, but it has not been delivered until now.  

   “A lot of customers wanted us to stay open all year round for years, but we never did it. Now, we are going to be closed Monday-Tuesday, but staying open the rest of the week,” stated employee Lauren Mispelon, ‘21.

   The menu of the store will mostly stay the same. However, there may be a few items added to accommodate the cold months. 

   “For right now, I am staying with our menu and adding a few additional things to it. There is a possibility to bring coffee and hot chocolate to the drive-through,” Wirght said. 

   Cold Cow is trying to find new ways to take care of and meet the needs of customers, and make their experience even more enjoyable. 

   “There has been a big request for vegan ice cream, which is something else we are looking into. I’ve also begun to look into using a food delivery service specifically for the winter months; services like Uber Eats,” stated Wright.  

   For employees, there will not be many significant changes. 

   “Other than working year round, as opposed to just March-October, it doesn’t feel like much will change around Cow Cold,” said employee Riley Maison ,’21. 

   Staying open all year may be an adjustment, but they are excited to see how this goes.

   “Overall I have been very happy with our patrons that are showing up to get ice cream, and if we continue to have support, there should be no problem staying open. Everybody loves ice cream, even if it is cold!” Wright said.