The Democrats struggle to find a candidate to rival Trump

Ben Dembinski, Staff writer

 Ever since Donald Trump won the 2016 election, the democratic party has been looking for ways to either impeach the president, which has backfired multiple times, or win the 2020 election. The democratic party has had multiple debates in recent months, showing off all their candidates. 

   The first debate, held in mid-August, had twenty candidates. Most of which were poorly spoken and generally not suitable for candidacy. The four main candidates to rule the stage were ex-Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders, Congressman Beto O’rourke, and Congresswoman Elizabeth Warren.

   During the most recent debate, the Democrats managed to narrow down the number of candidates to ten. Even with the more concise selection, the democrats still struggled to find clear candidates for people to support or hate.

   This is a huge setback for the democratic party, because without a clear or strong candidate, they will have a downfall. 

   Where as the democrats can’t choose someone to lead them, the republicans have a clear candidate, one who has shown he is a no-nonsense business man. President Trump has overall accomplished most of what he had said on the campaign trail: the economic boom, building the wall, etc.

   With the president having such a good track record with his supporters, the democrats are going to have a hard time rivaling the president.

   Overall, in my opinion the top four candidates in the polls are all not well-suited to rival the president. To start off, the top polling candidate is former vice president Joe Biden. He seems to be “riding off” of what President Obama did in his presidency. He seems too old and not in touch with the population.

   Next on the chopping block is Senator Bernie Sanders. He, just like Biden, seems out of touch. Also Sanders is a huge promoter of socialism, advocating for medicare for all and free college. He doesn’t stand a chance against the president, who believes that you work for what you get and nothing is ever free.

   The only woman in the top four, congresswoman Elizabeth Warren, would not stand a chance against Donald Trump. Warren has had some controversies in the past, mainly about her native american heritage. If the two were to be the nominees, Trump would inevitably bring this fact up and shut down any respect Warren had on stage. 

   Finally Congressman Beto O’rourke, he is trailing behind the other three candidates, holding a solid four percent in most polls. He made big news when asked about his opinions on the second amendment with the statement, “Hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47…” 

   That statement is the sole reason why I don’t think O’rourke will get the nomination, let alone the presidency. The second amendment was written for a specific reason, to give the people of the US a way to fight against tyranny. With that statement O’rourke basically showed he doesn’t care about the constitution. Many people will take that statement and think that candidate doesn’t have their best interests in mind. 

   Overall it is hard for me to foresee the democrats winning this election. Their sheer lack of organization when it came to the debates and the fact that the top four candidates are all woefully inadequate to fill the position of president make me say the 2020 election is going to the republicans.