Teacher Cadet students are now stationed in their classrooms


Kayla Bellow, Staff writer

Every year, Teacher Cadet students are placed in elementary school classrooms in the Lakeview Public School district. In these classrooms, the students do a wide variety of tasks such as reading to the students, helping teachers decorate for the upcoming holidays or seasons, making copies, and helping students that need extra help on assignments.

   Students get assigned to various classrooms based on the teachers needs. The students are able to request which elementary school they would like to go to and what age range they prefer. Isabella Alvarez, ‘21, Darla Kruszka, ‘21, and Adrianna Kluge, ‘20 have began going to their assigned classrooms. 

   Kruszka stated, “On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, I go to Mrs. Selden’s first grade class at Greenwood Elementary. I help with whatever Mrs. Seldman needs such as making copies, pulling aside students that need need extra help with assignments, and helping them study.”

   Alvarez is assigned to a different classroom at Greenwood.

   She stated, “This is my first year in Teacher Cadet, and I was assigned to Mrs. Brian’s Kindergarten classroom. I work with the kids and help them do their daily activities.”

   Kluge is also placed in a different classroom at Greenwood.

   She said, “This is my second year in the Teacher Cadet Program and this year I was assigned to Mrs. Barrada’s Kindergarten classroom.”

   Getting assigned to Elementary schools maybe a nerve-wracking experience, but the kids gets excited when the high schoolers go to the classrooms. 

   Kruszka shared, “I was nervous at first to be placed in a classroom, but I am now more comfortable after meeting the kids and really getting to know them. I enjoy the teacher I am placed with and I  look forward to visiting the kids and helping them every week. I love going to my classroom and seeing how excited they get to see me. They are always so eager to ask me questions and have become so comfortable asking me for help with anything they need.”

   Alvarez also shared, “I was nervous the first day, but the teacher was very welcoming and the kids are so nice and love when I am there. I’m not nervous anymore, I really look forward to going. Everytime I walk into the classroom, everyone always says ’Hi Miss. Bella’; it’s my favorite thing. They get so excited to see me and I’m such a role model to them, and I just think it’s so cool to have such an impact on young kids.”

   Teacher Cadet allows bonds to form between elementary school kids and high schoolers. These young kids look up to the high schoolers and aspire to be like them one day.. If you enjoy working with kids sm you believe you’re a good role model, you should consider joining Teacher Cadet during the 2020-2021 school year.