Lakeview’s English department comes together to solve problems

Lakeview's English department comes together to solve problems

Riley Weaver, Staff writer

 The English department here at Lakeview has recently gotten the chance to discuss problems they encounter. 

   Teachers have noticed that students are finding ways to avoid reading at all costs. Whether it is by looking online for sparknotes or copying off of each other; the department wants to find ways for students to actually enjoy reading.

   “Instead of doing a whole class reading session, we want to explore independent reading where students can choose their own books to read instead of us choosing them for them.” Jennifer Findlay, English teacher, stated.

   Teachers have found that a big part of it is that students do not like either the book or the style in which they’re being taught in.

   “Truthfully I did not enjoy reading until after high school because the books I had to read were not interesting to me. It was during college that I finally found a good book that I enjoyed and that started my love for reading,” Nicholas Gwozdz, 10th grade English teacher said.

   The department is trying to find better, easier ways for the students to read and enjoy the books given to them. That’s why they are coming up with new and improved ideas like independent reading and being able to choose their own stories. These plans are just a few ideas in order for the english department to improve as a whole.

   “I am happy that I am able to meet and discuss these topics with my fellow English teachers,” Findlay said.

     The teachers are trying to find better ways to teach these topics in order for the students to comprehend and understand them.

   “We know that we won’t be able to solve all the problems for every student, but we hope to help those who desperately need it. If you take 100 students and give them a choice to read their own book or not read at all, most likely 50% of them will not read, and we can’t help that. We want to help the other 50% discover what kind of books they like and want to read,” Gwozdz said.

   The English department is making many new changes in hopes to find a good way to teach their students. Now it is up to the students in order to let the teachers teach them.