Why the McRib is not popular enough to stay on the menu

Why the McRib is not popular enough to stay on the menu

Kyle Hedge, Staff writer

   On Thursday, Oct. 3, 2019, McDonald’s announced the return of the McRib; the boneless barbecue pork sandwich is being sold at over 10,000 U.S. restaurant locations.

   The sandwich has been known for coming and going at Mcdonalds since people mostly love it or hate. When the McRib came out in 1981, it did not make enough in sales to justify staying on the menu. Because McDonald’s is such a huge company, it needs all its items to be massively popular to stay permanently on the menu.

   To see how the McRib tasted, I decided to go out and buy the McRib for $3.

    The McRib consists of a pork patty, pickles, onions, homestyle roll, and barbecue sauce. To me, it was good but it didn’t have a real meat taste. The pickles and onions do add a flavor to the sandwich. The McRib is one of those things that I wouldn’t get all the time, but wouldn’t mind having it when I am craving barbecue. My rating for the McRib is a 6.5/10.

   The McRib was originally released due to a shortage in McNuggets. They were released just a few months before the McRib and had already become so popular. Mcdonalds could not keep up with the chicken supply, so they had to think of a new menu item that could outweigh the sales of the McNuggets. One of McDonald’s executive chefs, Rene Arend, decided to create a pork patty in the shape of a slab of ribs. Arend got his inspiration for the sandwich after a trip to Charleston, South Carolina. He had spent most of his trip eating several pulled pork sandwiches.

   It wasn’t until the summer of 1994 when the McRib came back. McDonald’s had decided to take part of a promotion with The Flintstones film release. In the live action movie,  the Flintstones are seen getting a huge rack of ribs from RocDonald’s, which is the film’s version of McDonald’s. After that, McDonalds decided to have the boneless pork sandwich released only for limited time offerings.

   McDonald’s released a website that can locate where you can find the closest restaurant that has the McRib. The website uses a map of the U.S. and marks the confirmation of the restaurants that have the sandwich. The website doesn’t show all the locations of the McRib, but customers can send a picture of their receipt to the website to confirm the location that has the McRib. There has been at least 17 confirmed sightings of the McRibs at McDonald’s in Michigan.