There is more to the man than just the math; the need-to-know on Mr. Benjamin Haberek

Alyssa Sutterfield, Staff writer

 Benjamin Haberek has been teaching math for 23 years at Lakeview, but he has never taught anywhere else in his career. 

   Haberek commented on the fact that he has never taught anywhere else with a positive attitude. 

   Haberek stated, “When I started teaching here, all I ever really focused on was teaching the kids that were right in front of me. If I’m being honest, I’ve never really thought about teaching anywhere else, ever.” 

   Haberek stated that the reason he decided to teach math as a career choice was because of the fact that he has always enjoyed learning and doing math.  

   “With math, there’s always an answer. Even if you end with no solution, it’s still an answer. Math is the type of thing where it can be solved without having multiple answers.”

   Haberek has always had many students think that he is a really good person, a down-to-earth person, and some might even say that he is one of the best math teachers ever.

   Haberek stated, “Based on the three R’s, rigor, relevance, relationships, I think that I work well with that. In my opinion, if kids are laughing in my classroom than they are going to be able to learn with ease. Math is already hard enough as it is, so why do anything to make it harder.” 

   Sophomore, Natalie Derra commented that he is a very good math teacher with even better people skills.

   Derra stated, “Mr. Haberek is really good when it comes to explaining math in the most simplistic way possible. He is very tolerant with his students, which shows that even though people are difficult, he chooses not to be as difficult as them.”

   Now, how students of Lakeview feel about his teaching skills? His personality? 

      Junior, Kayla Bellow commented that Haberek focuses his time not just on a select group of kids, but he makes sure that everyone is on the same page before they move onto another lesson.

   Bellow state, “Haberek always makes sure that a class understands the entire lesson. Even if two people,or even ten, don’t understand what is going on, he always works with them to make sure that they understand. I freaking love that man and all the things he does for his students.”