Pizza Papalis shows Detroit can do Chicago-style pizza well

Pizza Papalis shows Detroit can do Chicago-style pizza well

Ben Dembinski, Staff writer

   Recently, I decided to check out a well-Known chicago style pizza chain, Pizza Papalis. The chain opened its doors in Detroit in the late 90’s, serving Chicago-style deep dish pizza. When I walked in the door, I was instantly hit with the fresh-baked pizza smell. What I also noticed was how crowded the place was. I went during a dinner rush, so this was to be expected. The atmosphere of the restaurant was welcoming and the decor made it feel like an old-style pizza place. 

   Now onto the food itself, I ordered a large, deep-dish pizza, salad, and an order of their breadsticks. It’s important to note that the pizza takes about forty minutes to cook, so it’s a good idea to get an appetizer or two to keep you from starving. It only took about ten minutes from ordering to receive my salad and bread. Both of which were outstanding. The salad tasted fresh and the bread was nice and warm.
  After I finished my appetizers, I patiently waited for my pizza. The pizza took about thirty more minutes to come out.  This wasn’t really an issue due to the fact that the waitstaff was very helpful and kind. 

   When the pizza came out, it was steaming and was very hot. One thing to know about Chicago-style deep dish pizza is that it’s more of a “pizza casserole” rather than a traditional pizza like a New York style pie. The Pizza is stuffed to the brim with cheese and toppings. The whole thing is one tasty mess. You cannot eat Chicago-style deep dish like a normal pizza, due to the amount of cheese you have to use a fork and knife. 

   The pizza was delicious. First of all, the crust crumbled in my mouth and tasted like a sort of pie crust. It was thin and didn’t take up to much of pizza itself. The cheese and pepperoni were on point, the cheese was nice and stretchy and the pepperoni was spicy. The sauce was another story.

  Something unique about Chicago-style pizza is the fact that it is covered in the pizza sauce. There is no exposed cheese or toppings anywhere on the pie. This was slightly worrying to me due to the fact that pizza sauce can be generally hit or miss. Either I get a pizza with great sauce or it’s not good at all. I’m happy to say the sauce on the Pizza Papalis pizza was great and made me want another pizza. 

   Overall, Pizza Papalis has a great Chicago-style pizza, but at a price. For my pizza salad, and breadsticks it was $50, ten times as much as a Little Caesars’s hot and ready pizza. But with that extra cost, you get a great experience and some great food. This is not a weekly place to eat, but once in awhile if you’re in the area go there and get some great food.

Final Score: 8.5/10