Lakeview band and choir perform annual fall concert

Zachary Kahler, Staff writer

   On Oct 22, concert band, advanced band, the choir, and the marching band performed their songs and show at the annual fall concert. The order of performances during the concert was the marching band, choir, advanced band, and then concert band leading the end. 

   The marching band began the concert by marching down the walls towards the center of the auditorium, while the drumline played a cadence they call “Mambo”.  All three drum majors had centered themselves equal distance from each other, so everyone could see them. The drumline stood in the back of the stage while the color guard were in front. 

   Once the marching band made it to their spots, they began to play their show.

   “It was incredible. I’ve heard them play at football games and at competitions before, but the acoustics in the auditorium really made them sound powerful. Also, the soloists Lily D’Herde, Zack Kahler, Steven Ahearn, Nathan Mozel, and Sophia Wozniack did really well. I was very impressed,” commented Lisa Wisdom, a marching band parent. 

   The marching band then marched back the way they had came from to let the choir perform. The songs that they sang were a Queen medley, “Swing Down Low,” and “Nanuma.”

   “All of us did really well. I’d say that we sang our hearts out,” recalled Jamie Campbell, ‘23.

   During the intermission, the marching band changed uniforms. The audience members were also welcome to indulge in some donuts and cider that they could buy in the lobby. 

   Eventually, the advanced band had set up for their performance. The songs that they played were, in order, “Song of the Blacksmith,” “Fantasia on the ‘Dargason,’” and “Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix.” 

   “The music that they played sounded really good. Because you have to be really talented to be in advanced band, the music they played was really difficult and intricate. There would be a tuba playing here, and then all of a sudden a clarinet would take over. They are really talented,” Wisdom stated.

   Last, but not least, the concert band performed. The songs they played were “Thus Spoke the Raven” and “Rivers.” “Rivers” was their closer, and it was also the longest song of the night. 

   “We did really well,” said Connor Whitman, ‘20, “Especially the trumpet section. Our tone was really smooth and beautiful. I’m really happy that I’m able to be first chair and help out my section to sound just as good for next time.”