Inside scoop on a new class: Student Leadership


Kayla Bellow, Staff writer

   Student Leadership is a program that was started by science teacher and student council advisor Stephanie Givinsky. She created this program, and it was introduced to the Lakeview students at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.

   Student Leadership was designed to teach students how to become better leaders overall. The students who are enrolled in this class do a variety of different activities such as set up for events, learn what it means to have good communication skills and how these skills can be used everyday. Givinsky’s goal is to teach students how to be leaders even when they are not in leadership positions. 

   Givinsky stated, “Students should join this class because they will learn how to work better with people and become better people overall. Students learn how to work better with others which will benefit them in the future.”

   When informed about this class, many students such as London Jones, ‘20 and Darla Kruszka, ‘20 added this class to their schedule form. 

   Jones stated, “Some of my friends were in the class last year, so when I got my schedule request form I added Student Leadership.”

   This class can be taken more than once to help improve leadership skills.

   Kruszka said, “This is my first time in the class, but I enjoy it and definitely would take it again.”

   This class helps to keep teachers and students informed of the big events happening. They create posters and announcements to make sure everyone is aware about what is happening at Lakeview. 

   Jones added, “So far, we have created posters about homecoming, announced who was on homecoming court, and helped to decorate. In the future, we will probably do some of the same things for other big events like prom.”

   This class will allow students to better understand communication skills and how to properly use them. 

   Jones also included, “This class is helping me learn how to properly communicate. I am learning to how to react and use conflict resolution in tough situations.”

   This class will certainly help students in the future. They are learning skills and techniques that adults use everyday. 

   If this class interests you, you can add it to your 2010-2021 class request form.