Teachers strive to meet their annual performance goals


Morgan Kimm, Staff writer

  With the start of a new school year comes the opportunity for new goals. This month, the Lakeview teachers were asked to generate their annual APGs, or Annual Performance Goals, to be achieved during this school year. 

  English teacher, Jennifer Findlay stated, “The first one is writing an African American literature class that would be offered as an English elective. However, this is more of a long-term goal because it will not be available this school year, but for the following school year. It will be a sophomore through senior class that would be worth half a credit.”

  She also had a continuing goal that was picked up from last school year.

  Findlay said, “My second goal is a continuing goal which is to be a member of BSIC ( Building School Improvement Committee), which I started last year and am continuing to be a part of this year.”

  Although these goals may take time, Findlay feels as if they are reachable.

  Findlay exclaimed, “My goals are achievable. I’ve already written the course request for the African American literature class. So now it is just a matter of the waiting process. And for my other goal, because I started it last year, I believe it will continue. 

  Health teacher, Amanda Decker, had a very different set of APGs for this school year 

    Decker said, “My first goal is to engage in student learning. I chose this goal because one of the main focuses as a health teacher is to make people more healthy and in order to do that students need to practice these skills in the classroom.”

  Her second goal is a bit more broad and general.

  Decker stated, “My second goal is to grow professionally. I believe it’s important to be able to network and reach out with other teachers across the state to get ideas and get a good idea as to where the program is going.” 

  Similarly to Findlay, Decker felt as if her goals were achievable as well.

  Decker claimed, “I think both of my goals are achievable. They will take more work and lots of planning but it is definitely something that I expect myself to achieve.” 

   Math teacher, Tracy Kalinowski also has a set of APGs that she is hoping to accomplish for the school year. 

   Kalinowksi said, “My first goal is designing assessments. I chose this goal because in AP stats we have a new online AP course where they have access to review material and multiple choice questions, so I have been editing all of my texts and quizzes based around the review that they have access too. “ 

    Her next goal is one that she finds specifically challenging. 

  Kalinowski exclaimed, “My second goal is to start using questioning and discussion techniques because I do most of the work in class and I want to take it away from the teacher a little bit and get the kids working together.”

   Despite the challenge, Kalinowski believes that with hard work, she will be able to achieve these goals.

  These Lakeview teachers will be working on their goals and hope to see change throughout the 2019-2020 school year. Having these goals are a great way to acknowledge self improvement in and outside of the classroom.