Scarefest: The go-to Halloween activity


Riley Weaver, Staff writer

   Whether it’s hayrides or haunted houses, Scarefest Scream Park in Lenox Township will fulfill anyone’s spooky needs.

   “Getting scared and feeling the spooky vibes was my favorite part,” said Sydney Weaver, ’20.

   Scarefest does anything and everything to make sure their guests are scared out of their wits at every moment of their experience. Not only do people jumpscare you on the attractions, but they also have actors dressed up in horrifying makeup and costumes to sneak up behind you at any given moment.

   Scarefest has four attractions to choose from when deciding your fate for the night. First, they have their family-friendly hayride that anyone, young or old, could enjoy. Next, they up the scare factor on the Maze of Terror and their Haunted Forest Walk. Both are rated mid-level on the scale but neither should be underestimated. From personal experience,  they are both highly recommended if you want your heart to be pumping.

   “In my opinion, the Haunted Forest Walk was the scariest attraction at the park because of all the corners and the darkness. And how people would chase you and put chainsaws in your face and stuff,” Tera Byers, ’23. 

   Finally, ranked highest on their scare meter is the Haunted House. 

   “The darkness, good actors, and design of the house all made it difficult to complete.” Weaver stated.

   The house is specifically designed to test your bravery and get under your skin. It has multiple rooms, themed differently to meet anyone’s fears. Not only are the actors highly trained and know exactly what to do to make you terrified, but the limitation of sight also makes the house difficult to finish. With little to no light and fog machines constantly going, it can become difficult to see within the house. All of these factors make the house the most terrifying attraction at Scarefest.

   Now, although Scarefest is a Screampark, there is also a place to go to relax, calm your nerves, eat some delicious doughnuts, and drink piping hot cider. Inside the tent you can listen to upbeat music and talk about the horrors you just endured with your friends. 

   Sadly, the park closes the weekend before Halloween, so if you haven’t gone yet, it definitely should be on the to-do list for next year. The only way to truly know the pure terror and adrenaline of the park is to personally experience it. If you do decide to go, beware, you’re in for a scare.