Green club makes scrunchies in an attempt to reuse old shirts


Angelita Garza, Staff writer

    Lakeview’s green club wanted to find a way to recycle old shirts and make something new out of the shirts. On Oct. 7 of 2019, members of the Green Club thought of an idea to make scrunchies out of the old shirts. 

   Science teacher Kristine Hill had the club members go search on google and find some cool ideas for the club. 

   “We are making scrunchies for green club because we wanted to have a fun start and help the earth as much as possible that we can. I believe this is a good and fun way to show people that there are ways you can recycle or reuse old items.” said Rachel Byers, ‘21.

   Green club has thoughts to sell the scrunchies to make money for the clubs future projects. 

   “Some of us thought it would be a good idea to sell the scrunchies to make some money for the club. Personally, I believe it would be a great idea to help make money and build up the club a little. But, we aren’t sure if Hill wants to do with scrunchies when we are done with them,” said Destiny Schoenher, ‘21.

   Green club members are volunteering to bring in their old clothes to help with the scrunchies making. If you would like or want to help make some scrunchies, join green club now.