Senior girls prepare for this year’s powderpuff game


Aili Mayfield, Staff writer

   As the long anticipated powder puff game approaches on Oct. 23, Lakeview’s senior girls are getting ready to bring home the win. Powderpuff happens once a year, allowing the senior girls play flag football against Lakeshore’s senior girls.

    Practices have begun, and the girls are starting to learn the rules for the game. Powderpuff has to be learned in steps. For a majority of the girls, this is new territory. 

   “We have five practices, and each practice we try to add a little more football in. So, we start with just the pure basics, trying to give everyone their position, and start teaching them their position,” explained coach Anthony Savalle. 

   As the practices go on, they get more and more interactive and applicable to the actual game. Throughout powder puff history, the coaches and girls have been applying the same or similar techniques to prepare, and they seem to be teaching the girls well. 

   “Over the next several practices, we will start to learn plays and start scrimmaging. We have used the same method every year,. And every year, by the end of it, we look pretty good,” Savalle said. 

   Lakeview’s seniors girls are excited to learn and take on the field. Lauren Delmonte, who will be  the running back and kicker, feels that the practices are really helpful.  

   “During practice, coach Savalle teaches us different plays to run with the quarterback to try and score touchdowns or gain yards. We also work with Evan, one of the football players, to teach us to do more moves around defenders and also he works with us on plays,” stated Delmonte. 

   Although excited, Delmonte is a little bit nervous about the big game. 

   “I feel confident, but also a little nervous to be a starter because it’s a lot of pressure to be the one to score touchdowns. I’m also super excited. My goal at practice is to remember the different plays as best as I can, so that I am ready for the real game and won’t forget them,” Delmonte said. 

   Unfortunately, there are a few less girls this year than usual. However, this has become an advantage because the practices can be a little more in detail. 

   “Because there are fewer girls playing this year, we are able to have practices that are more in depth. This year we have 60-65 girls, and in previous years we have had around 90,” Savalle said.

   Compared to past years, this year’s senior girls appear to have more skills. 

   “This group, compared to last year’s, seem to have more skills. We have a lot of speed, we also have some players who can catch and run the ball real well,” explained Savalle. 

   Taking home the prize seems like a very good possibility, and both the coaches and players are hopeful for the game. 

   “I think we have a pretty good chance of winning. We’ve  beat Lakeshore in the past and we have a lot more players than them. We also have really good coaches. I think the game will go really well, and be one of my favorite high school memories,” stated Delmonte.