Cross country team’s locker signs mysteriously town down

Cross country team’s locker signs mysteriously town down

Molly Anderson, Staff writer

   Every year, the senior captains of the cross country team make locker signs for their teammates to show support for each other. This year, Maggie Williams, ‘20, kindly took it upon herself to create the locker signs.

   The posters were taped to the students’ lockers some time during 8th hour on Friday, 

Oct. 4; however, some of the posters mysteriously appeared to be missing the following Monday.

   The time frame that the incident could have happened is relatively large, so figuring out exactly when this happened or who was involved would be difficult. Alyssa Sutterfield, ‘21, whose locker sign vanished, made an attempt to get to the bottom of the situation.

   “I asked someone in the office and they told me, ‘We can’t do anything about it, it’s just a poster,’” explained Sutterfield.

   Sutterfield, alongside many of the other cross country runners, were very confused about the response.

   “Somebody put a lot of time and effort into that and then it gets torn down, and I can’t know who did it?” questioned Sutterfield.

   The amount of effort that was put into the posters was excessive, creating even more frustration among the team. Williams explained the hours that were put into the process of making the locker signs.

   “I want to say it took me around three weeks to make them, and probably an hour each night,” stated Williams.

   Those whose posters were torn down are clueless about who could have possibly been the suspect and are very confused as to why anyone would want to tear them down in the first place.

   “A lot of people’s posters got taken down. They weren’t even really ‘offensive’; they were just funny because they’re our inside jokes and humor that we talk about with our team. So I really don’t understand why someone would want to take that down. Nothing was wrong with them,” stated Sutterfield.

   Disappointed with the school’s response, Chloe Boyer, ‘21, whose locker sign was also removed, thinks that the problem could have been handled a lot differently.

   Although it is unknown who could have removed some of the locker signs, some team members have their suspicions.

   “I think some of us were targeted, some of us more than others. Maybe they were friends with some of the people that didn’t have their posters taken down, but I for sure think that we were targeted. I take full offense to it,” stated Boyer.