New art teacher begins at Lakeview


Morgan Kimm, Staff writer

  On Monday Oct. 9, a month into the new school year, a new art teacher started at Lakeview: James Donoghue.

  Although we are already a month into the school year, Donoghue shows excitement for his new beginning. 

  “I have mixed feelings about it,” stated Donoghue, “It’s kind of fun because it’s kind of a fresh start for kids who are into their school routine. But obviously it’s a little hectic too because kids are already close to the end of the cardmarking, but it should be good!”

  Donoghue should not have any issues adjusting because he has prior experience inside the school and out. 

  Donoghue said, “ I went to school here at Lakeview; I am in fact an alumni. The idea of coming back to Lakeview is very exciting because this is where I learned all about art. I had great teachers here and part of the reason why I wanted to become a teacher is because they were great role models for me. I felt that coming back and being apart of the team would be a really fun thing.”

  Donoghue has always been interested in art. It has always been a hobby for him, making him choose to pursue it. 

  He stated, “I’ve always wanted to do something with art. As soon as I go to college I realized that teaching would be the path for me.” 

  However, this is nothing new for Donoghue, he has had past experience teaching art at other schools.

  “I’ve been teaching for about ten years,” said Donoghue, “ for the last eight years I taught art at Bishop Foley highschool in Madison Heights.” 

   Donoghue seems to have many great ideas for this upcoming year and has a lot of excitement about starting. 

  “I am excited to be part of a department with other art teachers. At the school I was at before, I was the only art teacher. I had to teach all the different art classes on my own. With that being said, to have Mrs. Sharp, Mrs. Schuur, and Mr. Rayner to work with and bounce ideas off of is very exciting.”

  When it comes to his fresh start there is only one thing that makes Donoghue most nervous, it has nothing to do with art… but it’s his age! 

  “I’m nervous I’m going to run into a staff member that remembers me from highschool, because I am an alumni, and I’m going to have no idea who they are… that would be embarrassing,” said Donoghue. 

  It is very exciting to have Donoghue as a new addition to the Lakeview staff.  Although it is only his first week, he seems to already have a feel for what’s coming. His past experience as a student here and his prior teaching knowledge should lead him to a very successful year and to be just the right add on that Lakeview has been looking for.