Forensics class focuses on serial killers

Forensics class focuses on serial killers

Samiya Byrd, Staff writer

 Students at Lakeview are given the opportunity to take a forensics course.

 Forensics teacher Kristen Wetzel has been doing the serial killer project for three years now.  

   “It involves the solving of crimes and evidence left at scenes,” said Wetzel.

   Students have two weeks to complete the project. They must choose a serial killer and do some research on their crimes and childhood. It goes on a cereal box and they must advertise their cereal by coming up with a name, slogan, manufacturer symbol, and prize to put in their box just like a regular cereal box at the store would.  Students are supposed to put some form of a puzzle on the back relating to the case of their serial killer to make their cereal box interesting. For the nutrition facts of the cereal box, students put the killers crimes in the format of how a nutrition facts label would be. The serial killers ranged from Nannie Doss to Ted Bundy.

    Presentations are done by all students and they must be able to talk about their killer proficiently and explain their cereal box. Students are basically advertising their cereal box to the class. 

   Students are able to see the evidence behind the crimes the killers committed from blood to fingerprints. A lot of killers were very smart with hiding the evidence or making sure there was none left behind. They would chop the bodies up, burn them, and put them in the river. It was harder for police to solve the crimes because the killers were manipulative. 

   “I was getting bad vibes from searching my killer. It’s fun presenting though and hearing about all the crazy stuff they did, said Tatyana Collins ‘20.  

   “It was difficult because my serial killer was from the 1800s so I couldn’t find much information about her,” said Natalie Kade ‘20.

    Hearing about the serial killers and what they did can put fear into a lot of students.  A lot of students can’t handle hearing about the crazy things that people have done over and over.