The Unsuspected Problems your mobile device could be causing to you


Riley Weaver, Staff writer

   Believe it or not, that time consuming, addicting, and very distracting object that is carried around in the back pocket of most of the world, also known as, the cell-phone, can cause serious health and mental problems to an unsuspecting user. Unfortunately, these are not tiny problems such as a headache and laziness; they can range from sleep deprivation to brain tumors.

   “Between night and day combined, I could spend a good 8-10 hours on my phone,” stated Lillian Ressler, ’22. 

   She isn’t alone in that time range. Studies show that teenagers these days are spending 7+ hours a day on their phones. That amount of screen time explains why teenagers these days have more anxiety and stress. Scientists have proved that excessive amount of screen time can cause the average person to start having more anxiety and feeling more depressed.

   More serious consequences that have been found from extreme phone time are obesity and brain tumors. The obesity is caused by children/teenagers spending more time on their phones and not indulging in physical activities such as playing outside and sports. Another way it connects to obesity is sleep deprivation. The more time teens spend on their phones and not sleeping is making their body less prone to sleep. Studies have shown to lead to obesity and health problems.

   Now, brain tumors are a more uncontroversial subject. There is evidence to prove that some tumors are related to cell phones, but there is also evidence to show that it isn’t just the screen time. The tumor most caused by cell phones is called acoustic neuroma, a non-cancerous tumor can be treated by only by monitoring, surgery, or radiation therapy.

   Less serious problems can be procrastination and behavioral problems. Although procrastination doesn’t seem like that big of a problem, the longer and harder you procrastinate, the more difficult your life will become when you are asked to do simple tasks.

   Although these issues might not apply to everyone, they are definitely issues that we have to watch out for. Put down the phone for a few hours and enjoy life outside of the screen.