Lakeview’s Peer to Peer program is helping special needs kids

Angelita Garza, Staff writer


   Lakeview’s Peer to Peer program allows special needs kids to have a friend to interact with in class. The program started last year in 2018. Jamie Hitt, special education teacher, started the Peer to Peer program. 

   The Peer to Peer program was piloted last year by Hitt to see if it would work out. She wanted to see if students liked it, and to her surprise, it worked out as planned.

   “It’s actually in the course book as a class, we had many students sign up for it. We made this program to help out kids who have autism to interact and make friends with other students. Their peer is not there for the kids to help them, but to be there so the autistic kids know there are people there for them,” said Hitt. 

   Many kids are joining the Peer to Peer program for the experience, to get to know the kids, and become their friends. 

   “I joined Peer to Peer to have the experience and to be able to learn some differences between me and my peer. It’s a great experience for me to help him, motivate him for class, and keep him on track during class,” said Megan Paczas, ‘20.

   This program is beneficial to the kids who are special needs and need help  communicating with others. 

   Steven Meloche, ‘20 has special needs, and he’s happy with the outcome of the Peer to Peer program. 

  “It’s nice to know that there is someone there for you, who you can get to know. Everyone who’s in the Peer to Peer program is really nice and understanding towards special need kids. This program is a great way to help out special need kids,” said Meloche. 

   Overall, this program is beneficial to all kids, special needs or not, because it’s an educational experience for everyone. If you want to become a peer, make sure to sign up for the program next year.