Is American Horror Story a dying show?

Is American Horror Story a dying show?

Claire Lamay, Staff writer

   The show American Horror Story has been a favorite among all ages since its original release in 2011. With recurring cast members like Jessica Lange, Sara Paulson, and Evan Peters, the show was destined to be a hit after its first episode aired.

    Regardless of its star-packed cast and intriguing potential, some may say the show has evidently gone down the gutter in recent years. 

   The first 3 seasons, Murder House, Asylum, and Coven were undoubtedly hits. Fans could not stop raving about this psychologically enthralling show, a kind of which had never been done before. It was new, and creative- however, all good things must come to an end. The 4th season, Freak Show, a hodge-podge of killer clowns, tall bearded women, and midgets, had done worse than any season so far in the show’s history. Some said it was “messy” or “uninteresting”. The 5th season, Hotel, did better than Freak Show, but still was subpar to those before them. 

   A hurricane of harsh critics weighed in when season 6, Roanoke, hit the air. The plot centered around an interracial couple who moved into a large haunted farmhouse. The show does back-and-forths from present to future. 

   To me, a viewer, the show had less to do with the lost colony of Roanoke and more to do with the Amityville Haunting; a movie/story that ended up being an overblown hoax. This season seemed rushed, and frankly, less thought out than the first 3 seasons. There were no elements that made me feel genuine fear or anxiety. Cult, season 7, was a bit more creatively inclined. With the 2016 election under weigh, Americans feared what Trump being in office would change. I do believe the introduction of a political element brought back some flavor, even if the clown theme is drastically overdone trope. 

   Allison Urso,’20, agrees that the show has gone quite badly. 

“I really enjoyed the first 3 season. Even season 4 was honestly not bad. However, as soon as the 5th-9th seasons were released, I was no longer interested.” 

Urso says she feels the way the series is filmed now is drastically different than it used to be. 

“It’s almost like they got a new director for the series, but they didn’t. I would genuinely like to know what went on.” 

  Viewers can only hope that this new season, 1984, gets better. So far, it’s not awful, despite the revamped cast.