The inside scoop on the 2019 Homecoming King and Queen

The inside scoop on the 2019 Homecoming King and Queen

Alyssa Sutterfield, Staff writer

   This year, Seniors Lauren Hey and Ali Elmokdad were officially crowned King and Queen for the 2019 Homecoming. 

   To become King or Queen, you have to go through the process of first making court where only your grade votes, and then the whole school can vote for both King and Queen. 

   When asked the question if either Hey or Elmokdad ever thought that they could’ve won the title of King/Queen, their answers were pretty similar. 

   Elmokdad stated, “I never thought that I could’ve won because of the fact that I just moved from South Lake to Lakeview just last year.  

   Hey stated, “ When my name was announced, I didn’t really believe it. I thought that I was hearing things, but once the crown was on my head, reality kind of set in.”

   Elmokdad commented that when he won, his friends were super excited for him. 

   Elmokdad commented, “When I won, my friends told me that they felt like all of them kind of won in a way. My parents thought that me winning was really cool, I think.”

   Hey explained, “Well my mom started crying when she saw the crown being put on my head. My friends were screaming and jumping up and down because of how happy they were for me.”

   When both Hey and Elmokdad explained how they ran for court, they both gave very similar answers. Both Hey and Elmukdad stated that they would post a picture of them saying “Vote Lauren Hey” or “Vote Ali Elmokdad” on their snapchat story.

   Hey commented, “I did post something on my story a couple of times, but a lot of people posted on their stories to go vote for me, which was kind of surprising.”

   Elmokdad commented that he wants people to know that if you want to run for Homecoming court, you should just go for it. 

   Elmokdad stated, “The whole experience when it comes to Homecoming court is really cool and fun, so I think everyone should try and run.”

   If you see either Hey or Elmokdad in the hallways, make sure you give them a huge congratulations on their big success!