Yet another whistleblower comes out against President Trump

Yet another whistleblower comes out against President Trump

Ben Dembinski, Staff writer

   Just when the American populus thought they were done with the impeachment talk about their president, another whistleblower has come out against their president. This comes after the impeachment process was started by house minority leader, Nancy Pelosi. In simple terms, impeachment is the process of removing the president from office on account that they committed a crime while in office. 

   The most recent example of this was in 1973 when then President Richard Nixon resigned after being accused of tapping the Watergate Hotel during the democratic party’s meetings held there. After it came out that President Nixon was guilty, congress decided to go through the impeachment process. As soon as President Nixon knew it was impossible for him to keep the office of the presidency, he resigned and stepped down. 

   After President Nixon resigned, President Gerald Ford took over and as his first act pardoned, or acquitted President Nixon of all crimes. This was a decision which had huge consequences during the next election.

   Now, back to the present. The democrats started the impeachment process on Sept. 25 on accounts that the president colluded illegally with Ukraine. This whole issue stems from the Ukraine scandal from Obama’s presidency. The scandal started with former Vice-President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, who had ties to the Ukranian government. As soon as the Ukranian government found out that they basically had a direct line to the vice president, they abused it. They called for a lot of money, around $350 million in “financial aid”. As soon as this money was asked for, Ukraine’s attorney general started the investigation, mostly on Biden’s son’s exploits in their country. This was allegedly done to pressure the Vice-President to give them the money. Soon after Biden called the Ukranian Government and said, “Fire the attorney general, or you don’t get the money.”

   Trump wanted to get more information on the subject so he called the Ukranian government himself. The democrats had a full on breakdown. So they called in a supposed “whistleblower”, or a person who comes out with information that is considered classified hence “blowing the whistle” on a certain subject, to tell the public that their president had committed a crime by calling the Ukranian government. The whistleblower has remained anonymous, which has raised many eyebrows in the republican party. After the whistleblower, Trump made a huge power move and released the transcript of the phone call, which in turn proved his innocence, with the transcript only showing that he talked to the president of Ukraine about the recent military winnings and a possible future meeting between the two nations. 

   After the phone call plan was a bust, the democrats have pulled out another “whistleblower” out of thin air. The democrats claim he will be represented in a court of law by one of their own attorneys. This is a sticky situation because neither whistleblower has come out to the public yet.

    There have been many questions about how the hearing will proceed with the anonymity of the whistleblowers. The main question is, “will this just turn into a he said she said scenario where its one person’s word against another’s?”