The Joker movie leaves viewers questioning society

The Joker movie leaves viewers questioning society

Kyle Hedge, Staff writer

   The Joker was a one of a kind movie starring Joaquin Phoenix. The movie is about a man named Arthur Fleck who has a laughing disorder called pathological laughter; he is put into a society that doesn’t understand him. 

   In the movie, Arthur has to give people a card because of his laughing disorder so people don’t think that he is laughing at them. Throughout the film, Arthur is seen being beaten down by people because he could not get a chance to explain to them why he was laughing. When Arthur decides that he has had enough, he starts to become the Joker.

   When I heard that the Joker was getting his own movie, I was curious to how they were going to make a movie about a villain without a hero since the creators of this movie have informed us that Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, is still a kid. I kept wondering as to how the movie was going to play out because there wouldn’t be anybody to stop the Joker. I was then thinking that the movie could be something like the Venom movie, which is about one of Marvel’s greatest villains that tries to be the hero. I thought that it would be mind-blowing to see DC’s greatest villain, the Joker, to become the hero in his own movie, too.

   When I heard that Joaquin Phoenix was going to play the Joker, I didn’t know who he was at the time. I wasn’t sure if Joaquin was going to be a good Joker or not, but I knew I should give him a chance. When the first look at Joaquin as the Joker came out on Sep. 21 2018, I was amazed that the creators of the Joker movie gave Joaquin a unique look like no other Joker. When the first trailer for the movie came out in the beginning of April, I immediately watched it when I got the chance and got excited because the trailer informed us that the movie will be about who the Joker was before he became the Joker and how he becomes the Joker.

   When I walked out of the theater, I was shocked by how real the whole movie felt. The movie explains how some people can be just kicked to the floor and nobody will help them, but when others get knocked down, everyone is there to help them. the Joker causes the city of Gotham to go on strike because they believe what he is saying about society is true. I think this is what made the Joker movie one of the best comic book based movies.

   My rating for this movie is a 9.5/10 because it was breathtaking but found some parts a little bit weird. Like in one part of the movie, it shows Arthur falling in love with one of his neighbors in the building, but later on when he walks into their apartment late at night, the neighbor gets scared and says that they didn’t know who he was. I know that this was used to show that he is becoming psychotic, but the whole romance part felt a little bit weird. Other than that, Joker was one of the best DC movies I have ever seen.