The Do’s and Don’ts of being a DJ at a high school homecoming

Nicole Cantin, Staff writer

   Pleasing teenagers can be hard enough, but when it comes to their music, that’s a whole different story. For many teens, music is a way to express themselves. The type of music being played sets the mood for the night, and if it doesn’t meet their standards, there will be some issues.

   Homecoming is a big deal for high schoolers, and music plays a major roll. 

   At Lakeview’s 2019 homecoming, students were, once again,  displeased.

   “The music was really unsynchronized, like it went from country music to Vanilla Ice. It was uncoordinated and just not good music. We need more upbeat music to dance to,”  said Alyssa Sutterfield,’21.

   Students have stressed that they want music from their time to be played. If students can not make the playlist, then the DJ can go on spotify and see the top hits and see what teens are listening to most.

   “They need to have the kids make the playlist and not some random DJ. No one goes to homecoming to just stand there and listen to old music from the early 2000’s that only the teachers like, they go to dance,” explained Brody Elias,’21.

   The students rely on the DJ for a good time. Therefore, it has been expressed by teens that the DJ should talk to the crowd and hype up the mood. There needs to be more interaction and communication between the DJ and the students.

   “They definitely shouldn’t play old songs like ‘Ice Ice Baby’ because no one likes to dance to that. We need more pop music from our time to have a good time,” stated Georgia Garcia,’22. 

   For a few years now students have been really disappointed with the music played at homecoming. This is now affecting the amount of people that go to school events.

   “My friends and I decided not to go to homecoming this year because the music wasn’t good last year and based off of what I’ve heard this year, I’m glad I didn’t spend the money to go,” said Morgan Kimm,’21.

   It is now 2019, and teenagers taste of music has drastically changed and continues to often. They want to be able to hear the music they want and have a good time.