Teachers participate in first ever Lip Sync Battle


KInasha Kendrick, Staff writer

   On Oct. 4, Lakeview held the first ever lip sync battle at the pep assembly. Staff that participated in the battle were Anthony Savalle, Sharada Sharp, Jessica Wise, and Julie Humphries. During the first round, students voted for who they thought did it best for their first song. Songs that were sung in the first round were “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo, done by Sharp. “Never Ending Story” from the show Stranger Things, done by Savalle. “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction, done by Humphries. “A Friend like Me” from the Aladdin soundtrack, done by Wise.

   Humphries said she already prepared and wanted to have fun doing the battle.

   “I wanted to do something that would be fun. I wanted to do a song I knew everyone knew so I went with a One Direction song. Sharp and Savalle were good so there’s no hard feelings over me not winning. It was school related and that made me want to do it,” stated Humphries, gym teacher at Lakeview.

   Sharp was more going with the flow and wanted to choose from songs that would get both her and the students hype.

   “I chose ‘Truth Hurts’ because I wanted the students to know the song that I sang and I ended up getting students that sing along and getting hype. I practiced a little, but not as much as I could. All that matters is I did my best and had fun doing so,” explained Sharp, art teacher.

   Savalle and Sharp made it to the second round, being voted by the student body with applause. Sharp synced ‘Bad Guy’ by Billie Eilish. Savalle did “Git Up” by Blanco Brown and did a dance routine along with the song. Savalle ended up winning the second round and took the title as Lip Sync Battle champion.

  Savalle confirmed that he expected to win, though he did it for the students.

   “Whenever I do something, I do expect to win. All in all, I just like participating in anything that amplifies school spirit. The competitors were great, especially Mrs. Sharp. I felt like she brought some great skills,” said Savalle, English teacher.

    This could be a new competition for our pep assemblies or it could’ve been a one time thing. It does seem like both students and teachers enjoyed themselves during this activity.