Lakeview marching band’s thoughts on the homecoming experience

Lakeview marching band’s thoughts on the homecoming experience

Zachary Kahler, Staff writer

   Friday, Oct. 4 was the big homecoming game and pep rally. The Lakeview marching band prepared all week to pump up the crowd for the game.

   “We practiced every day on our pep band music for about a week,” Lily D’Herde, ‘20 said. “We have about fifteen songs that we needed to get ready for the pep rally and homecoming game.”

   Some of the songs that the band prepared to perform during the game and at the pep rally were “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond, “Final Countdown” by Europe, and “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen. The band also prepared to perform during the homecoming parade with the song “Happy Together” by The Turtles.

   “We chose ‘Happy Together’ because that is one of the songs that our band really enjoys performing,” D’Herde explained.

   During the pep rally, the band started by pepping up the football team by playing “Sweet Caroline.”

   “It was really cool. The football team and our drum major, Jade, sang along to us. That was really awesome,” Emily Burke, ‘20 said. 

    After school, they practiced for the parade by marching in parade formation around the parking lot while the played the fight song and “Happy Together.” Around 4:45 pm, they all began to head one by one to the Saint Clair Shores library along Jefferson where the parade began. 

   “The parade was something I’ve watched before, but I haven’t been able to be in it with band until this year. It was pretty fun,” Victor Koos, ‘23 stated. 

   The last thing the band did was play during the big game. They performed two songs of their show after The Huskette dance team performed. They also played some of their pep songs to keep the energy in the stands flowing. 

   Many members of the band said that it was a long and tiring day, but it was fun and enjoyable. They exclaimed how the crowd enjoyed their music to the point where they sang along and danced to it. 

   “I had so much fun. Not only did I play some fun music, but I got to play it alongside some of my favorite people,” Koos stated.