Senior Harold Irby receives multiple college football offers


Alyssa Sutterfield, Staff writer

   Senior defensive linemen Harold Irby has been blowing multiple colleges away with his skill, strength, and knowledge of the game. 

   Irby has received offers from both Division 1 and Division 2 schools,which are schools that are ranked together or apart by their competitiveness and skill with sports. 

   Irby stated, “I have received Division 2 offers from Northwood, Saginaw Valley, and Grand Valley. My Division 1 offers are from Buttler, Western Illinois, and Valparaiso University.” 

   Irby commented that his first offer was from Westwern Illinois, but he wasn’t all that surprised with all the offers he was receiving. 

   Irby stated, “I’ve always thought that my skill was worthy of offers, but I was definitely getting anxious waiting for at least one offer. Once you get that one offer though, they just kind of start to roll in.”

   When Irby thought back to freshman year of high school, he never thought that he would be playing college football, let alone at a Division 1 school. 

   Irby stated, “When I was a Freshman, my only thoughts were that it’s my first year of high school and I’m already playing Varsity football. I never thought that I would be playing for these well-known schools.”

   Irby is a player who has worked hard and deserves all of the praise he is receiving, but what were his coaches thoughts or even his parents thoughts? 

   Coach Patrick Threet commented that Irby has been a pleasure to coach over the years and that he is very excited to see what the future will bring for him. 

   Threet stated, “My first thought when I found out that he was getting all these offers was that all of these coaches making these offers were making the best decision they ever made because he is a winner. Harold is an extremely hard worker in the classroom, weightroom, and the field. He will make any university he attends better.”

   When Irby was asked about what school he was leaning towards choosing, he did not give a specific answer.

   Irby stated, “ My top three schools, in no particular order, are Grand Valley, Saginaw Valley, and Western Illinois.”c school and stated that it’s a work in progress.

   Make sure you keep an eye out for your college recruited football star Harold Irby at the upcoming football games!