Lakeview’s auto program gets in gear for another year


Leah Sargeant, Editor-in-chief

   Lakeview students are given the opportunity to explore possible career paths in the automotive industry through Lakeview’s Career Technical Education Auto Program. 

   Any student can join, as long as they take the auto systems class as a prerequisite. The program is a year long block (90-minute) class that’s open to all students in the district, giving students a great understanding of the workings of an automobile.  They will learn concepts such as basic electrical, brakes, engine repair, and heating/cooling. 

   Auto Technology and Industrial Education teacher James Schneider is going onto his 22 year teaching at Lakeview. He believes that this program can be great for anybody.

   “I think this program would benefit anybody who wants to take it. Just for life skills, to learn how to work with their hands, and use tools; even if they’re not going to do it for their careers, it’s a great asset to have, and we’re so lucky to have it right here at the high school,” stated Schneider. 

   The program has a joint partnership with the Ford Motor Company called “The Ace Program”. 

   Schneider explained, “Ford Motor Company gave us a 2014 Ford Focus and the training modules that the Ford technicians get, so our students are actually getting Ford training while they’re here at the high school.”

   This program offers so many opportunities to students that have an interest in this particular industry. Students are required to do a visitation at an auto shop or dealership for about an hour or two to see if this type of work really interests them. It provides them with hands-on experience to see what type of work they would be doing. 

   Senior Zack Zimmerman has been in the program for four years now and has learned a lot from it.

   “The automotive program helped me learn how to do more than just basic maintenance and encouraged me to get a project car to learn to do performance related work on,” Zimmerman said.

   This CTE program can be a great learning experience for anyone who takes it. Schneider encourages everyone to give it a try. Even if it’s not what you decide to choose as your career path, understanding how a car works can be beneficial to anybody.