Lakeview students head to college

Lakeview students head to college

Dakota Stein, Staff writer

   Lakeview High School offers a range of college courses for upperclassmen to take. From courses in the medical field, to courses in psychology, there is a wide range for students to choose from. These classes are a part of Lakeview’s dual enrollment program. 

   The dual enrollment program allows students to take college courses for little to no cost. These are intended to prepare students for higher level education while they earn real college credits. 

  Juniors and Seniors can choose to take courses from Macomb, Wayne, or Baker and for the most part, these credits are all transferable to other colleges. 

   Students who are dual enrolled not only tend to excel in these classes, but they also perform better in their regular classes as well. 

    “Dual enrollment classes helped me get into an actual study routine – not just cramming before an exam. These early college classes also showed me that reading college material takes a decent chunk of time,requiring refined time-management skills. I also think that these classes showed me that attendance should be taken more seriously – missing lecture material can harm you significantly during exam time,” said Delayna Jakubiec, ‘18. 

    Jakubiec graduated with the class of 2018, and she very clearly sees the impact these courses can have on a student. She also has seen students use these classes for the wrong reasons. 

   “I’ve seen dual enrollment work on both ends of the spectrum. I think that the people who choose to apply themselves during dual enrollment classes become more responsible- both in and out of academics. However, when I took dual enrollment classes through Lakeview, several people treated these classes as if they were blow off classes. Some were lucky for their grade wasn’t affected,” stated Jakubiec.

   Many students would agree that it is a very different learning environment. Majority of students seem to prefer how these classes are ran over the typical high school class.

   Anthony Ross, ‘20, said, “I think my college classes are easier because the way to learn is a lot different as there’s a lot less to retain because the classes are more focused on a certain topic. I think dual enrollment has taken a lot of stress off of my high school classes since the classes in high school are legitimately a lot harder to learn.”   

    Majority of students who have taken dual enrollment classes would recommend others to do so as well. Every student has a different experience with these classes. The students who take everything they can out of them have better experiences. 

   “I would recommend students take a dual enrollment class because it has enlightened me to a college experience and taken some of the stress of ignorance away. I really thought the class would be much harder and it’s nice to know that all of college isn’t work,” explained Lewis Hoenicke, ‘20. 

   Dual enrollment classes are all about what one individually takes from them. If a student works hard and takes the course seriously, it usually pays off in the end. If a student uses it as a blow off, that usually also shows in their grade.