Lakeview introduces Mr. Binge to the building


Riley Weaver, Staff writer

   This year, Lakeview High school added multiple new additions to its staff. One of the additions was a new English teacher: Michael Binge.

   Although this is his first year having a permanent teaching job, he has long-termed subbed at the International Academy and Rochester Hills schools. 

   “For being a first-time teacher, he brings in a lot of experience,” Christina Ventimiglia, a special education teacher who also teaches in his room, stated.

   According to his students, he is a very energetic, fun, easy-going, but also hard-working. He is a teacher who treats his students with respect. 

   “I believe he was a great teacher to add to the staff at Lakeview,” Lillian Ressler, ’22 said. 

   “He gets along well with the kids and they seem to be learning the content very well. He definitely knows what he is doing,” Ventimiglia expressed. 

   It wasn’t a walk through the park to get hired here at Lakeview. Binge had to jump through multiple hoops and challenges.

    “Getting hired wasn’t necessarily easy. I was going to a wedding and the interview was scheduled for right in the middle of that, so I had to cancel my flight so that I could make the second round of interviews. In fact, I was in the middle of the wedding when I got the call saying that I got hired,” Binge stated. 

   Binge may have done all of this to get the job, but he wasn’t always thinking about being a teacher. Law school also crossed his mind when he was thinking about jobs.

   “I was kind of thinking about being a teacher. I also looked at law school, but teaching was always one of my options. Once I got to college, I sorted it out that I wanted to be a teacher,” said Binge.

   Even though this is Binge’s first year here, he is already hoping on staying for as long as he can. He hopes that he can continue to learn and gain experience for his future. 

   “I definitely plan on staying for as long as possible here,” Binge said.