Kanye Comes to Detroit


Claire Lamay, Staff writer

   On September 27th, Rapper Kanye West held a “Sunday Service” at Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre. Following this event, he threw an album release party at the Fox Theatre. Buddy Desy (12) attended these events with a few friends Friday night. Desy described the experience as “one like no other”. Desy says he’s been to a number of different artist’s shows, but this unique experience was one he appreciated more than the others. 

   “There were quite a lot of people there at both venues. The initial Sunday Service was free, but when Kanye announced that he was holding an album release party that same night, people were in a rush to get tickets to get a first look at this highly anticipated album.” 

Desy was also asked to describe how the concert varied from your typical show. 

“Due to both of the venues being smaller, in comparison to larger ones in the area like Ford Field and Little Caesars Arena, the shows each felt closer in a way. Being in the audience, it was easier to really take in the music and be in the moment when you were in a more intimate setting.” 

   Desy says the release date tickets were actually quite difficult to get ahold of. Vendors were allegedly selling them around the area in the hours leading up to the show, eager fans rushing to find the best deal. Desy also states that while West performed on stage during his Sunday Service, his team was going through the crowd handing out merchandise. 

“The merch is sweet. A friend I attended the show with actually received one of the pullovers.” 

Resale, these merch pieces range anywhere from 200-600 US dollars per item! 

“Merch assistants were selling these pullovers for upwards of 400 dollars during and after the show.” 

   West’s new album,Jesus is King, was supposed to have been released that same night. However, the album still has not been released and not much else has been said about the matter. Additionally, rumors have been going around for years about West releasing Yandi, whos cover looks similar to the 2013 album Yeezus. Following talk of Jesus is King, the media is speculating further on the release of Yandi. Regardless of the rumors, no one actually has a solid idea of when the release of these two long awaited albums will take place. 

   Desy says he will hop right on the opportunity to see West live again, and recommendeds the experience to everyone else who may be a fan.