“Frat boy Monday” participants disciplined by student council advisers


Molly Anderson, Staff writer

   Monday, Sept. 30 2019, marked the first day of Lakeview’s Homecoming spirit week. A portion of students, however, participated in “Frat boy Monday”, instead of the scheduled spirit day (Mis-match Monday). Although there were a number of students who took part in the non-sanctioned spirit day, two students in particular, Chloe Boyer, ‘21, and Jaden Solomon, ‘21, who are both student council members, were responsible for initiating the idea to dress up as Frat boys on Monday.

   Those who decided to dress up for “Frat boy Monday” all wore relatively the same garments to achieve the “Frat boy” look, including men’s button down shirts, baseball hats, and sunglasses. According to Boyer and Solomon, the motive behind it all was not intended to be threatening.

   “I was really just trying to get everyone to come together and do a more fun spirit day,” said Solomon.

   “Frat boy Monday was supposed to just be a fun day that you could choose to participate in and you could dress up as a Frat boy instead of doing mis-match Monday,” stated Boyer.

   Boyer and Solomon decided to make the plans official weeks in advance, which allowed more students to get involved in the situation.

   “A couple of weeks before, my friends and I just thought that Frat boy Monday sounded better, so we started to spread the word,” said Boyer.

  On Monday, when students showed up to school dressed as “Frat boys”, student council adviser, Stephanie Givinsky, immediately took action to find out who started the ordeal.

   “We tried to track people down and talk with them. It was challenging because it was a lot of upperclassmen who are not in school all day, and it also happened during the week of homecoming when Mrs. Bowen and I are so busy and also teach our classes. We still haven’t had the chance to talk to everybody yet. Rest assured we will talk to everybody,” stated Givinsky.

   That afternoon, Givinsky also sent out an email that urged students who were members of student council and had not already talked to one of the student council advisers that day to see either Bowen or Givinsky herself before the end of the school day to discuss where they stand as far as remaining on student council/maintaining their class officer position.

   Some participants, however, did not see the “punishment” as fair.

   “I think it was wrong to do Frat boy Monday, but then again, I think that some of the punishment was out of proportion,” said Solomon.

   Despite the supposedly harmless intentions of Boyer, Solomon, and the rest of the participants, Givinsky was not too thrilled about the situation.

   “It was really disappointing, because we count on student council members to be leaders and to help spread the things that we agree on together as a council. So to see people who are leaders actively undermining what we had decided together, what was approved, and what we had been trying to promote was disappointing,” stated Givinsky.

   Ultimately, however, both sides are understanding of each other’s motives for the actions that were taken that day.

   “We understand that people make mistakes, and it’s normal for high school students to not really always think about the consequences of their actions. So we don’t want anybody to be permanently punished, but we just want to make sure that we can talk it through with people so that they understand where we’re coming from and what we expect moving forward,” stated Givinsky.

   Givinsky also gave advice for any time there may be confusion amongst the student body in terms of events like spirit days.

   “Any time there’s conflicting information, you can always ask an adult. If anybody had asked an adult, ‘Are we allowed to dress up as Frat boys on Monday and wear hats?’ any adult would have said no. So, your fellow students aren’t always the best source for information,” said Givinsky.