Science and math teacher Laura Hull returns to Lakeview after five years


Aili Mayfield, Staff writer

   Five years ago, Laura Hull, a math and science teacher who taught at Lakeview, took a break from teaching. This year is Hull’s first year back at Lakeview.

   In order to take care of her children and to be at home with them, she left Lakeview.

   “I have been on long term childcare leave for the past five years, raising my two daughters. When my youngest daughter started kindergarten this fall, I came back to teach at Lakeview,” said Hull. 

  Coming back this year was definitely nerve racking for her; however, she is extremely excited to be back in the classroom. She has missed the school environment, and of course, the material she teaches. 

   “I was very nervous to come back because I have been out of the classroom for so long, but also really excited. I have missed the students, the staff, and thinking about math and science at a high school level,” explained Hull. 

   Taking this time off allowed her to gain a greater and deeper appreciation for the things in her life, and she is grateful that she was given the time to recognize this. 

   “I think taking time off has made me appreciate my family, my education, and the connections that I have with students and colleagues in a new way,” Hull stated. 

   Being back, nothing seems to be much different from when she left. Lakeview has stayed close to the same. 

   “Not too much has changed since I left, there are a few new faces among the staff, and of course all of the students are new to me,” said Hull. 

   So far, one thing she has really liked being back is the new and improved use of technology. It allows her to better instruct and guide her students.

   “The use of technology in the classroom has really enhanced my ability to instruct students and bring resources into my class on a daily basis,” explained Hull. 

  Overall, she is very happy with the choices she has made. She is thankful that she had the opportunity to stay home with her girls, but also glad to be back doing what she loves. 

   “Being back in the classroom has been a great change and I’m very happy with my choices to be home and to return,” Hull stated. 

   Students at Lakeview also really her. They feel she is a good teacher. 

   “She interacts with her students really well, and she gets to know each and every one of us. She is also super outgoing and very nice,” said Colin Bock, ‘22

   Hull is looking forward to what this new school year brings, and can’t wait to get fully back into the swing of things.