Lakeview’s boys varsity soccer welcomes new recruits


Nicole Cantin, Staff writer

   Lakeview’s boy soccer season is officially in route. During the 2018-2019 season they welcomed many freshman to varsity. It’s interesting to see how those past decisions are now currently affecting the 2019-2020 season.

   So far they have a 9-3-3 record. This current varsity team is one of the youngest Lakeview has seen, holding 1 freshman, 3 sophomores, 12 juniors, and 1 senior. 

   With such a mixture of upper and lower class men it could affect how they work together as a team.

   “We get along. We play well together. There’s a lot of chemistry because a lot of us have been playing together since we were 8,” said Lucas Wirick, ‘21. 

   With a lack of seniors, it then falls on the juniors to be the ones the lower classmen look up to. However, it also causes the freshmen and sophomores to work even harder and show up for their team. 

   “The lower classmen play well. Two of them start and the others make a difference when they’re subbed in,” stated Wirick.

   David Medvedik, ‘22 played on varsity as a freshman along with 2 other boys during the 2018-2019 season.

   “It was a difficult year, but I adjusted and improved over the whole season,” explained Medvedik. “As a freshman on varsity, the upperclassmen expect you to perform on their level, but it’s only constructive criticism, so they are still good teammates.”

   Although they may be young, the sophomores have made a real impact on the team. They have a different work ethic and bring new ideas to the team. 

   It’s exciting to see where this age diversity team will take Lakeview soccer, and if they’ll continue to welcome underclassmen.