Burger King releases new whopper

Ben Dembinski, Staff writer

   On Sept. 20, the fast food chain Burger King released a new version of their popular burger: The Whopper. The new version, called “The Impossible Whopper”, is plant-based, vegan, and beef-free. The extensive advertising campaign claims that it tastes just like the original whopper. 

   Burger King released this burger to try to break into the vegan market, which remains untapped in the industry. The claims by Burger King seem outrageous, with the patty being made purely out of plants. 

   To test those claims, I bought one regular whopper, and one impossible whopper to taste test. Both burgers had the same toppings: pickles, lettuce, ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. 

   Some obvious differences in the burgers were the color of the patty and the price. The original whopper is $2.98, while the impossible whopper costs $4.50

   You might ask, “What do I get for the extra money?

   Well, in my opinion, what you get is a worse tasting version of the whopper. While the original whopper has a distinct flame-grilled taste, the new impossible whopper tastes very earthy and plant-like. Burger King claims to artificially flavor the patty to help the taste, but in my experience this is this is not the case. 

   I first ate the original whopper, a solid 9/10. The whopper was cooked well and tasted good; the blend of toppings and meat was great. The original whopper is a great burger all together. 

   Right afterwards, I ate the impossible whopper. When I bit into the burger, I instantly noticed the dryness of the bun and lack of juice coming out of the patty. This was an instant point of hatred on my part. While eating the burger, I noticed a distinct plant-like taste.  Another note, the burger tastes way more processed than the original whopper. After finishing the impossible whopper, I deeply regretted my decision to eat it and had to wash the taste out of my mouth with some grape juice. 

   In my opinion, the new impossible whopper is not worth the extra $1.50 Burger King is charging for it. Although it is a new permanent item on Burger King’s menu, and vegan, I cannot recommend anyone try this burger. 

   Final Score: 3.5/10