Seniors paint parking spots for the first time ever


Kinasha Kendrick, Staff writer

   From Sept. 21- 23, the Senior class was able to paint the parking spots they purchased during August orientation. Students had to provide their own paint along with the $25 they paid for the parking spot. The money is going towards the Senior All Night Party that is taking place May 22, 2020. There will be more fundraising for the cause over the year to give more opportunities to seniors. 

   Seniors that painted over the weekend enjoyed their time.

   “I had a lot of fun painting. It was hot, but being around everyone and seeing everyone else’s parking spot was fun. I enjoyed the whole experience and I am happy they finally let us participate,” informed Gabrielle Wright ‘20. 

   There were some students who didn’t really enjoy the time they had during the painting sessions.

   One student named Ndia Mcgee, ‘20 painted a Drake reference, ‘If you’re reading this, I’m late’

   “I saw it on Pinterest, and it explained me perfectly since I’m always late. I wanted people to see that,” commented Mcgee.

    “My parking spot is far and I know I’ll never feel like walking. While painting, I got it all over me and the day before I was hectically trying to find the right paint for the parking spot. I’m glad they finally let us paint them, but I wish they’ll keep it going all year round because I have friends that still want one,” stated Amiya Council ‘20.

  For the class of 2020, this is a new thing. Seniors before this have never had the ability to paint parking spots, so this is a big deal not only for them but for the whole school. There are even consequences to parking in reserved spots that seniors painted. 

   Since senior spots are reserved, parking in those spots will result in administration getting your license plate number and calling you down. Repeating this offense will result in detention and can go to the extremes of being suspended. Though there hasn’t been anyone breaking these rules, as more students get cars it could perhaps be a problem for these reserved spots. 

   Though this just started this school year, it will carry on future years. These parking spots are a great way for seniors to finally express themselves for multiple people to see.