Mario Kart now mobile


Kayla Bellow, Staff writer

   Mario Kart, a series of go-kart-style video games, was released by Nintendo and became popular in 1992. There were rumors about Mario Kart Tour, and it was finally released in September 2019. 

   When released, so many people downloaded and were eager to play that the server crashed.   

   Michael Francis, ‘21, Skylar Smith, ‘22, and Sean Turner, ‘21 are three that downloaded and are now playing Mario Kart Tour. They all preordered the Mario Kart Tour game.

   Smith stated, “I was so excited when I heard that Mario was going to be for the iPhone, so I preordered it as soon as it was available.”

   Francis believes he has mastered the game.

   He even stated, “I am very good, as I should be. I play for about four hours per day, I better be good.”

   Mario Kart Tour offers different courses based on what tour you are playing. For example, the New York Tour, Toad Cup consists of these courses: Toad Circuit, Shy Guy Bazaar, Yoshi Circuit, and Goomba Takedown. 

   Both Smith and Francis favor one specific course.

   Smith and Francis stated, “My favorite is Cheep Cheep Lagoon.”

   When you have passed enough levels and collected enough stars, you are able to unlock the multiplayer version of Mario Kart Tour. Smith and Francis have both collected enough stars to be able to play the multiplayer version but haven’t actually played yet. However, Turner has.

   Turner stated, “When I received enough stars to be able to play, I added people and began. I have won almost all of the games I have played and I intend to keep that streak going.”

   Mario Kart Tour has the characters you are used to seeing in traditional Mario Kart; such as, Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach, and many more. As you win more levels, you are able to unlock more characters. 

   Francis stated, “I have unlocked Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Bowser, Baby Peach, Baby Mario, and Donkey Kong.”

   Mario Kart Tour has quickly become popular among teens all across the United States. It brings back some of the childhood nostalgia for parents and teens. This game can be downloaded and played among families. It gives everyone a little something to do and causes a little family rivalry.