The life of a competition cheerleader


Kayla Bellow, Staff writer

   Many must wonder what it’s like to be a cheerleader. Mattison Hinton, ‘20, Alexis Donald, ‘20, and Adrianna Kluge, ‘20 share what it is truly like. Not only are all three girls side-line cheerleaders for Lakeview, but also are competitive cheerleaders.

    Sideline cheerleading is done at school and sports events and is only a season long. Whereas competitive cheer, is based on competitions and is done all year around. A competition season starts usually in May and continues until the following May,  All three have been cheering since they were little, and now share what is it like to be part of a competitive team at a high school level. 

   Being a cheerleader requires a lot of hardwork and dedication. Preparing for competitions require the same things. It is not an easy thing to do but the girls share exactly how much prep goes into one.

   Hinton stated, “We practice two to three hours everyday.”

   The amount of time and effort the girls put into practice everyday pays off because all three touched on the fact that past years competitions have been a success for the team. One reason the teams are so successful is because the girls work together. They combine strengths and weaknesses to create the perfect team.

   “The season might start rough, but as it continues we get better,” stated Donald. 

   Hinton also added, “We have won all of our maxes (another name for cheer competitions) for the past two years.” 

   A max is another name for a cheerleading competition. 

   Coach Jennifer Muszynski helps to lead the team to victory, but winning most competitions attended comes with years of practice. All three seniors touch on the fact that they have been cheering since they were little.  

   Kluge stated, “I have been cheering for eleven years and I love all of the friends I have made. Cheering at friday night football games are fun because everyone is watching and it’s exciting to be a part of a school event.”

   Hinton and Donald discussed the topic of how often their teams attend competitions. They both shared that they only attend competitions two or three times a month. This means that for the average competition, they are preparing for over a week.   

   All three have been a part of the Lakeview cheer team since freshman year. When asked about what their favorite thing about cheering for Lakeview was, they all had a common answer. They all love the memories and friendships that they’ve made. Not only are they a team, but also a family.