Lakeview Huskies Football now being ranked top 5 for defense in Macomb County


Alyssa Sutterfield, Staff writer

   This 2019 football season has been promising for both the coaches and the players due to their hard work and dedication, but what does all of that mean exactly? What made his players so determined to have a better season than the year before?

   Threet commented that even though he didn’t make a new defensive strategy for this year’s season, he is using the “new” strategy that was made for the 2018 season. 

   Threet stated, “Even though what we are running isn’t new, a lot of the guys that learned it last year came back to play for me this year. Whenever you have more people running things they’ve learned, instead of having to teach them everything, it’s just going to be better.” 

  Threet continued about how the class of 2020 and 2021 are very hardworking and talented athletes. 

   Threet stated, “Both the senior and junior classes are very dedicated and hardworking, but with every group of guys you have, something is always lacking that is a necessity. The junior class makes up for what the senior class doesn’t have and vice versa for the senior class.”

   Threet commented that all of his guys put in the work during the off season, but it wasn’t only before or after school. 

   “All of my guys put in a lot of work during the off season,” stated Threet. “Most of them were in the advanced conditioning for athletes class where they got all of their weight lifting, speed training, and even agility training during school. Guys that couldn’t get all of that training in due to whatever reason can now get all of it completed during school.” 

   Senior, Isaiah Robinson commented that he thinks his team for the 2019 season is stronger both mentally and physically. 

   Robinson stated, “Our team is definitely a bigger, stronger group of guys, but mentally I think our team has more of an edge for the game and how to be more aggressive in the game.”

   Senior Amhad Goode commented that the team had one main goal; to make it past districts in the 2019 season. 

   Goode stated, “We all knew what it would take to become a better team this season, but it was even better to see everyone doing their part to making the team better.”

   Senior Harold Irby stated that he worked on his skills during his off season. 

   “I worked more on things like pass rushing, which is rushing the quarterback, but when I was getting more recruits during the off season, it gave me more of a drive to work harder at becoming bigger.” 

   When all the guys were told that they were one of the top five teams for their defensive skills, they were happy, but they also thought they could be even better than that. 

   Senior Joe Williams stated, “Just wait, were about to be top three sooner or later. But that makes me so happy to see that all of our hard work has paid off and now that everyone can see it, it makes it even better.”

   All the boys have been working very hard during the on and off season, so make sure you show your support and see how far the Lakeview Huskies will go this season!