Area 51 raid aftermath


AFP/Getty Images

Alien-hunters gather to "storm" Area 51 at an entrance to the military facility near Rachel, Nevada on September 20, 2019. - Alien-hunters are arriving near Area 51 after a viral craze that saw them commit to storm the mysterious US military base as a variety of events are taking place to mark the weekend, including music festivals in a variety of locations. (Photo by Bridget BENNETT / AFP) (Photo credit should read BRIDGET BENNETT/AFP/Getty Images)

Kyle Hedge, Staff writer

   When it was first posted on Facebook that there was going to be a raid at the Area 51 base in Nevada to “See them aliens”, everybody got excited and decided to join in. The whole thing started as a hoax by Matty Roberts from Nevada. When Roberts had found out that so many  people were interested in the raid, he got scared and decided to back out of the event. 

   Roberts knew that if a bunch of people entered a secretive military site, it would be considered trespassing, and the military can legally shoot them. He didn’t want to be responsible for the deaths of many people, so he denied any responsibility for this event.

   When Sept. 20 came, only 150 people were reported at the front gates of Area 51. Everybody who came to the event never passed the gates; however, they decided to have a festival. The festival was only to celebrate, have fun, and educate people on aliens. At the event, local bands played music in the background as everyone moved toward the main stage light.

   At the festival, people were dressed up as aliens and naruto runners, which was part of a famous meme where everybody would naruto run past the Area 51 guards without getting hit by a bullet. People at the festival also wore tin foil hats to the event. This was a nod to pop culture for those who believe in the conspiracy theory that wearing a tin foil hat could prevent aliens from reading minds.

   There were no reports of any arrests during this event except for one arrest for public urination. The weekend following, three people were arrested for trespassing and one arrest for an alcohol related incident. Just ten days before the Area 51 raid, there were two Dutch tourists that were arrested for trespassing on Department of Energy land near Area 51.

   Now that the festival is over, a county in Nevada has to pay $200k for the cleaning up of the area around the military base and for bringing 300 additional police officers from nearby counties to manage crowds. Litter build up was an issue, so the County Commissioners of Lincoln County has decided to use the Land Fund Act to pay off the bill.