Lakeview welcomes a new English teacher (from their rival)

Lakeview welcomes a new English teacher (from their rival)

Nicole Cantin, Staff writer

   It’s a new school year, which means Lakeview will be welcoming new changes. One being the new English 2 teacher who transferred from Lakeshore, Nicholas Gwozdz. He is excited to start this new chapter in his life and has a passion for teaching.

   “My profession allows me to see growth in a very unique way when it comes to students being able to learn things and talk about things in ways they couldn’t do previously. At my last job it (an English course) lasted the entire year, but over here it’s semesters, so to be able to observe growth over a period of time is super rewarding,” said Gwozdz.

   As it is important as to how teachers affect students, it should be taken into consideration how teaching affects the teacher.

    “Knowing that at least a pinch of that growth had something to do with the time that we spent together makes me feel like I have responsibility and purpose and meaning to my career,” stated Gwozdz.

   Lakeshore and Lakeview are in fact rival schools. A teacher may choose to switch jobs to experience different atmospheres and interact with students of different character.

   Changing schools and starting a new job introduces new challenges and stress. It’s important to be prepared for those obstacles.

   “It’s been a little stressful, but it wasn’t anything I wasn’t aware of when I made my decision to change schools,” explained Gwozdz.

   Students highly enjoy his class and say his classroom has a very welcoming atmosphere. For teens it can be difficult to take a liking to school, but for Gwozdz’s students, that is not the case.

   “He makes English class fun and you can tell he actually cares about his students and wants to know how we’re doing,” explained Ava Frontera, ‘22. 

   How students view a teacher and their class can differ depending on the experiences they have in school. Teachers must find ways to make learning enjoyable for all students.

   “He’s a very enthusiastic and outgoing teacher. He likes to make sure everyone in the class is having fun but also learning at the same time,” said Gabby Kluge, ‘22. 

   Gwozdz seems to be adjusting very well to Lakeview and his students seem to have taken a liking to him. This will be a very exciting school year for them all.