Lakeview students find dress code unfair

Morgan Kimm, Staff writer

   Several students from Lakeview Highschool find this year’s dress code to be unfair. Many students have formed their opinions on it.  

   Lakeview’s dress code states that brief and revealing clothing are not appropriate apparel in school. Examples of these items of clothing include halter tops, spaghetti straps, or strapless garments. 

    Molly Kraatz, 21 was dress coded on the first day and was not thrilled about it. 

   “I think the dress code is unfair. It’s unfair because I’m taller and it’s not my fault that something looks shorter on me,” said Kraatz. 

   Christine Cranford, 22 was dress coded just this past Tuesday and also has a strong opinion on the policy.

   “I feel that the dress code is very bias, they only seem to dress code females, “ said Cranford. 

   The dress code seems to appear stricter to girls. This is especially because boys attire usually does not consist of strapless or skin tight garments. Because of this, many females feel as if the dress code is not fair.

   However, not everyone is against the code; many teachers are in favor of it.

   “I am in favor of a school dress code,” stated Anthony Savalle, English teacher,  “this is a place of learning and there can be distractions. I know all the arguments about the code and that people should be able to control their minds and thoughts, but there is a lot of clothing out there that is proper and that won’t be distracting. This is the type of environment that we’re focused on education; you can be comfortable while still having a fashion sense without pushing the envelope.”

    Despite the opposite opinions, both girls felt that their outfits were appropriate and that it was not necessary for them to have to go change. 

   “I was wearing a jean skirt when I was dress coded. I will add that it was in the style eight (long). I had already ordered a long style online and yet it still seemed to be too short, “ stated Kraatz. 

   “I was wearing an overall dress when I was coded. I thought the dress was appropriate and it covered everything, “ said Cranford.

   The girls feel that the dress code has gotten worse over the course of time of them being students at Lakeview.

   “I feel like it’s gotten worse because I remember last year you could wear shorts that were mid thigh but I just got dress coded for a dress that was two inches above the knee,” said Cranford. 

   Additionally, both students feel that they would change the dress code policy if they could. 

   “If it’s covering everything then it should be fine, “ said Kraatz. 

   “I would want them to make it so if they say that mid thigh is the rule it’s actually mid thigh. And as long as your parts are covered it’s fine,” stated Cranford.  

   Lakeview’s dress code is one that has remained fairly the same over many years. Even with the many opinions that have speculated because of it, there are no signs or evidence of the code changing anytime soon.