Lakeview’s rugby team wants you


Dakota Stein, Staff writer

   As a student at Lakeview High School, one may be wondering what extracurricular activities they can get involved in. Everyone knows the basics like football and such, but many may not know about our school’s female rugby team. 

   The first question a lot of people ask is simply, “what is rugby?” 

   The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as, “a football game in which play is continuous without time-outs or substitutions, interference and forward passing is not permitted, and kicking, dribbling, lateral passing, and tackling are featured.” 

   The sport, however, goes much deeper than this surface-layer definition. Rugby pushes one to their physical limits and tests their patience, endurace, team bonding, and much more.

   The Lakeview girls team does a very good job at displaying these traits, but the number of players on the team is not ideal. The sport does not receive very much recognition from the school, so low numbers are to be expected. 

   Despite this, the team is working hard to try and shed light on the program and welcome any females grades 9-12 to join.

   Rugby player Asha Winczner, ‘22 stated, “You get to love the sport so easily. It’s a rough sport, but it’s worth it. You quickly find where you belong on the field and excel.”

   Jersey Wilson, ‘23 stated, “If anyone was interested in joining, I would tell them to at least give it a shot. It’s a lot of fun and the rush you get from it is thrilling.”

   Being a freshman, this is only Wilson’s first year on the team. Even with no previous rugby experience, she puts her all onto the field and proves that no matter the age or grade level, anyone can find their place on the team. 

   Still, you may be wondering why you should join. Everyone has their own reasons. Some players joined because a friend did, some wanted to put themselves out of their comfort zone. Haley Rach, ‘22, mentioned that she joined for the soul purpose of relieving stress. Rach also mentioned her favorite part of the sport is the team bonding. 

   Rach stated, “The sport is very mentally and physically challenging but in a good way. You can show up to practice having the worst day and completely forget about all of that the moment you put your cleats on.” 

   Every player would respond differently when asked what their favorite part of the sport is. Some said tackling, some said rucking, but Winczner had a different opinion than just those typical answers. 

   “My favorite part is that it doesn’t matter about your size. You can still play the sport and tackle no matter what. You get confidence from playing rugby that you can’t get anywhere else,” mentioned Winczner.

   No matter the size, strength, or speed, anyone can find where they fit into the puzzle of the rugby team. The girls encourage anyone who may be considering playing rugby to come to practice Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday at Jefferson Middle School from six to eight pm to watch or even join in to get a feel.