Teachers start using the Pocket Points app in Lakeview Classrooms

Teachers start using the Pocket Points app in Lakeview Classrooms

Kinasha Kendrick, Angelita Garza, Shanice Mathews, Staff writers

   Lakeview Teachers are starting to use an app called Pocket Points. The app was created in the fall of 2014 in Chico, California. Rob Richardson and Mitch Gardner are the founders of this app and the purpose was to create something that would allow students to put their phones away for rewards and other things. 

   Teachers are using the app in order to keep students off their phones in class, but earning rewards while doing so. Here are some of the rewards a student can earn: Free Chik-Fil-A sandwich, 30% of Papa John’s pizza. Free Lyft rides, 20% of Lulu dresses, etc. 

   Not many teachers are informed about the app, so Pocket Points is starting a public fundraiser on Facebook to gain more recognition.

   Certain staff members have been using the app since last year and they have continued using it         into this year.

   “I started it at the end of last school year, and they didn’t have to turn in their weekly warmups and they could also drop their lowest quiz score,” said science teacher, Stephanie Givinsky.  

      Teachers even offer students school-related rewards to stay off their phones.  For example, students can get rewards like getting to skip out on homework or dropping quiz scores.

   “If they get 20 locked phone hours, they can drop their lowest test score. Within the app, they can get other rewards like free subs from Jersey Mike’s or rent a free movie from Redbox. I also offer students to opt out on homework assignments and change seats on Friday’s,” stated Jennifer Findlay, english teacher at Lakeview. 

   Even some teachers, that haven’t even set up the app already, have ideas on what they’re going to give their students. 

   “I would like to try and get the word out for more food-related rewards and whatever the app has to offer, I’m willing to give my students those rewards,” said Michael Binge, english teacher at Lakeview.

   Staff and students are enjoying the app because it’s an easy way to have an alternative to not being on your phone without the hassle. There have been teachers that are suggesting Pocket Points, hoping to eventually make it a school-wide app.